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The DPI 104 IS matches advanced silicon sensor technology with several convenient design features resulting in an accurate, versatile yet affordable digital test gauge. The DPI 104 IS can be used as a stand-alone process indicator or as a pressure reference for use with Druck hand pumps. The unit is certified to ATEX, IECEx and CSA.

In addition to the numeric pressure indication, the DPI 104-IS LCD display contains a round twenty segment bar graph to provide the user with a quick visual estimation of pressure from 0 to 100° full scale output.

Ordering Options: Pressure range, type ( G, A or SG) and pressure connections required.

Druck DPI 104 IS Digital Test Gauge Features
O.05% full scale accuracy.
Pressure ranges to 20, 000 psi ( 1400 bar) .
ATEX, IECEx and CSA intrinsically safe approvals.
Eleven selectable pressure units.
Large easy to read display with five-digit resolution.
% pressure indication and additional bar graph for quick visual reference.
Pressure switch test.
Minimum/ maximum, tare and alarm functions.
Stainless steel or Inconel pressure cavity for aggressive media.
Calibration Certificate: Yes.
Dimensions: 3.7in ( 95mm) excluding pressure fittings, Depth: 2.2in ( 55mm) .
Weight: 11.5 oz ( 325g) approximate.
Druck DPI 104 IS Warranty: 1 year.

Kontak Perusahaan
Nama:Tn. Yayan Sopian / Tn. Sukandar
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Y!: majumapanmandiri Y!: majumapanmandiri Y!: cepkandar Y!: cepkandar
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Yayan Sopian / Tn. Sukandar di DKI Jakarta
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Yayan Sopian / Tn. Sukandar di DKI Jakarta
Alamat:Jl. Masjid Al Anwar No. 24 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11540 - INDONESIA

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