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Address:Office : Jln. Sultan Agung Km 28 No 2 Pondok Ungu Bekasi Barat & Workshop Kawasan Industri Greendland III Kota Deltamas Cikarang Pusat Bekasi
Bekasi 17112, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:May. 31, 2009
Last Updated:Aug. 14, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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PT Kyowa Cipta Mulia Prisma office : . Our Business are industri Heat Equipment Manufacture ( Industri Ovens - Furnace, Heat Treatment, Heater, thermocouple, heat sensor dan sebagainya) , Dust collector Blower System, Crane - Hoist also Fabrication, Construction and General Trading .


1. Manufacture and Repair of Smelter Equipment and Heat Treat ment
a. Melting Furnace
b. Holding Furnace
c. Smelter / Crucible Furnace
d. Furnace & Oven
e. Mesin Heat Treatment ( Annealing, Hardening, Normalizing dsb)
f. Ladle Transfer/ Transport Jepang

2 Manufacture dan Repair Sistem Pertukaran Udara
a. Ducting & Blower
b. Dust Collector, Cyclone & BagHouse
c. Exhaust Blower
d. Air Fresh
e. Spray Booth

3 Manufacture dan Repair
Peralatan Handling
a. Hoist Crane ( kapasitas dibawah 1 Ton s/ d 30 Ton)
b. Swing Crane, Jib Crane
c. Cargo Lift/ Lifter
d.Air Hoist

4 Manufacture, Electrical & Mechanical Contractor
a. Pallet Industri,
b. Dolly kerja
c. Meja kerja
d. Tangki Chemical & Non Chemical
e. Piping Gas dan Air
f. Serta Peralatan Pabrikasi lainnya

5 Supplai Thermocouple
Berbagai type J, T, E, K, S, R, B dan RTD Sensor atau Pt 100 ohm

6 Electric Heater
- Electric Heater,
- Band Heater Plate,
- Cartridge Heater,
- Immersion Heater,
- Bobin Heater dan
- Infra Red Heater
- Immersion Heater & Radiant Tube Heater
- Electrical Heat Exchanger

7 Engineering Service
- Cleaning Ducting, Blower, Cyclone , Bag House
- Modifikasi Mechanical & Electrical sistem
- Cleaning Mesin dan Equipment Local
- Pemasangan, Pemindahan Mesin & Equipment
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