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The NAV6 is the world’ s first NAVTEX system to offer dual channel ( 518 kHz and 490 kHz) reception as standard. Information is presented on a large and easy to read LCD display, rivalling paper print-out for legibility. The ‘ plus’ version offers simultaneous reception on both channels, and when connected to an NMEA data source, offers a range of instrument repeater functions.

The NAV6 adds a new dimension in NAVTEX functionality. All messages are received into a large non-volatile memory for selective display by the user. Decide what messages you want to view after they have been received. Unique iNEC message processing decreases errors in received messages.

NAVTEX is part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System ( GMDSS) . It broadcasts weather and navigation warnings, in English on 518 kHz every 4 hours from transmitters around the world. Increasingly, local language and small craft information is also transmitted on 490 kHz. The NAV6 and NAV6plus can monitor both channels.

ICS NAVTEX receivers are in widespread use by the world’ s merchant ships and navies. Many shore-based NAVTEX messaging systems have also been supplied by ICS.

Choose from the NAV6 or NAV6plus according to your requirements and budget.

Separate outputs are provided for connection to an optional printer.

With navigation space becoming more and more restricted in modern boats, the NAV6plus display concentrates all the data you need, where you need it. It takes critical NMEA data from your GPS or instrument system and displays it in a highly innovative manner. An electronic log book is updated at regular intervals and can be printed out later ( via an optional printer) .

These powerful Instrument/ GPS repeater functions are included as standard in the NAV6plus. The NAV6repeater can be purchased separately without NAVTEX sensor for use as a stand-alone NMEA repeater.

When connected to an existing system, NAVTEX data is also repeated. The NAV6Hub is available to aid wiring of larger systems. Any combination of up to four sensors and displays may be connected together.

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