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LRIT / Long Range Identification Tracking MARINETRACK DMR 800

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Keterangan:Even though many existing Inmarsat C terminals are already in use for GMDSS or SSAS and are capable of supporting the new LRIT requirements, many need to be manually upgraded or require a supplementary unit at an additional cost to be compliant.

The new DMR 800 LRIT uses the new Inmarsat - IsatM2M network, a service optimised for position and status reporting based on enhancements to previous Inmarsat D+ network.

The DMR 800 LRIT offers a compelling cost advantage in situations where you need LRIT complaint hardware and are considering upgrading your Sat C or installing new systems on your ships.

The DMR 800 LRIT hardware is a single hardware unit with built in GPS receiver and Inmarsat transceiver. The unit comes complete with power cable minimising installation time to no more than 20 minutes. Once connected to mains, the vessel is automatically activated and opens to conformance testing from your flag’ s Authorised Testing ASP’ s.

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