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Kompresor Selam COLTRI SUB MCH-13 / KOMBA C-215

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MCH13/ 16 - The MCH13/ 16 series is a dependable high volume, high quality breathing air compressor designed for continuous duty at an affordable price. Mounted on a free standing, shock mounted frame of heavy duty, powder coated steel, this heavy duty design has commercial, marine, military, dive center, police and fire department applications.

Compare the price and features with any of the competition. You will find the MCH13/ 16 is a high quality, dependable compressor that is ideal for dive or paintball shops, clubs or fire department installations all in an affordable package. Available in single or three phase electric 230 VAC/ 60 Hz, gasoline or diesel, the MCH13/ 16 series of compressors come complete with air purification system, oil/ water separators with manual drains, final relief valve and 5 foot SCUBA/ SCBA filler hose assembly with on/ off bleed valve.

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