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Junction- Box- explosion - proof

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Kemas & Pengiriman:SATUAN
Negara Asal:Italia
Keterangan:ESA -SERIES

GUE and GUB Series Explosionproof Junction Boxes
GUB Series Explosionproof Equipment Housings
EJB Series Explosionproof Enclosures
EJB Series Explosionproof Custom Built Control Panels
GUA Series Explosionproof Junction Boxes with Union Hubs
GUP Series Explosionproof Junction Boxes
EGJ Series Explosionproof Junction Boxes

DESCRIPTION - Technical data These enclosures are made of copper free aluminium cast alloy ( copper contents less than 0.1% ) . The cover are fastened by means of antiloosening stainlewss stell screws, with cylindrical head and screwdriver cut. The fixing to wall of such enclosures is obtained to mean of holes on the fund of the same enclosure with the purpose to allow an easy assemblage of it. The terminal blocks, on special guide omega end/ or DIN, are applicable on inside plate ( on request) in electrolytic galvanized steel ( Sendzimir) . The enclosures have internal and external stainless steel earth stud, provided with antiloosening split washer, to allow thr connection of a conductor up to 35 sqmm of cross section to the connection at equipotential earthing plant system. Walls of enclosures have a sufficient thickness to permit drilling and threading for cable entry hubs. Normal finishing consist of epoxy varnish internal and external painting, our standard grey RAL 7001, in case of use as increased safety EX e execution or light blue RAL 5015 in case of use as intrinsic safety Ex i execution. Accessories and special execution on request Special hardware in stainless steel AISI 316 A4 Out of standard thread Set of nut and basket for restoration of the IP66 degree of protection ANSI B.20.1 NPT or GK UNI 6125 adapters with metric Unified joining flange for various enclosures, inclusive of gaskets for IP 66 degree of protection and stainless steel Inox AISI 304 fixing screws. Galvanized steel internal plate Insulation material internal plate Passing earthing bolt Hinges

Type of protection: * see notes
Protection degrees: IP 66
Reference Rules: EN 60079-0: 2004; EN 60079-7: 2003; EN 61241-0: 2004; EN 61241-1: 2004; EN 60529
Conformity: INERIS 03ATEX0027X
Other Certification: GOST-R-POCC IT.G? 04.B02540; Gost-RTN-PPC 00.34628; Gost-K-0602/ 10A 734

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Alamat:Bumi Pasar Kemis Indah Block G2 no 19
Tangerang 15116, Banten
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