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Ethernet Over Coaxial ( CATV + Eth)
Ethernet Over....

Harga: Negotiable

; MASTER Waterproof and dustproof case
; Wide operating temperature range
; Remote Network Management capabilities ( SNMP, Telnet, WEB)
; Up & Downstream bandwidth....

PCM Multyplexer E1 Base Point t Multypoint ( RS.232,  Eth,  E& M,  Voice,  Order Wire)
PCM Multyplexer E1....

Harga: Negotiable

GP6-II-MUX-DXCB are multi service access platform. The equipment provide voice, Low speed data, Boardband data and Video service access and cross connetion. The capacity of full....

PCM Multyplexer Fiber Base ( E1,  RS.232,  Eth,  E& M,  Voice,  Order Wire)
PCM Multyplexer....

Harga: Negotiable

Multi service transmission platform are developped by Global Telecom which based on market demand. The equipment can max fullfill requirement from end user such as voice, ETH, E1, ....

EDGE Modem ( 2G)
EDGE Modem ( 2G)

Harga: Rp. 200,000

Brief description
Auto-run USB EDGE Modem
Detailed profile

" Auto-Run— — — There is no need CD Drivers.It is plug& play.Very Convinient.
1. Supports EDGE/ GPRS Dual-band: ....

E1 to Eth Converter
E1 to Eth Converter

Harga: IDR. 2,750,000 / unit

Interface conversion between G.703 and Ethernet, Built-in NVRAM to store user setting, Support idle code insert or pass through function, Provide universal switching power adapter....

Media Converter,  FO to Eth 10/ 100 BaseT Converter
Media Converter, FO....

Harga: IDR. 500,000 / unit

• All Converters comply with IEEE 802.3 & 802.3u Fast Ethernet Standards
• LED Indication: Power, FDX, TP 100, TP Link/ Act, Fiber 100, Fiber Link/ ACT
• 10/ 100Mbps....

OMUX,  Fiber Optic Mux 4/ 8/ 16E1 + Eth 10/ 100 BaseT
OMUX, Fiber Optic....

Harga: base on request

Main Feature:
Modular Multi-Service Integrated Optical Multiplexer has been created with 8E1 capacity of transmission interfaces, of which 4E1 are available with the first....

Converter E1 to Eth
Converter E1 to Eth

Harga: IDR. 4,500,000 / unit (Nego)

WireSpan 620 is a cost-effective, single-port fractional E1/ Ethernet
access unit. The fractional E1 service makes unused time slots on
long-range E1 trunks available for other....

SHDSL.Bis FlexDSL Orion2+ Up to 30 Mbps
SHDSL.Bis FlexDSL....

Harga: IDR. 7,500,000 / unit

• SHDSL and SHDSL.bis ( TC-PAM16/ 32/ 64/ 128)
• Up to 11.4/ 15.2Mbps over single and up to
22.8/ 30.4Mbps over dual pair copper
• E1 ( G.703/ 704, balanced/ ....


Harga: IDR. 4,500,000 / unit

XDSL product have terminal data rate with maximum rate 2.320 Kbps. Has LAN interface ( Auto-sensing 10/ 100 Base-T Ethernet) , Two Rj-45 connector which connected to PC or HUB, ....

G.SHDSL ATRIE WS. 5100 E1/ V.35/ Eth Interface

Harga: IDR. 5,000,000 / unit (Nego)

DSL Line
Line Speed 200kbps up to 4624kbps
Line Code PAM( G.SHDSL)
DTE Interface ( E1 + V.35 + Ethernet) ;
E1 Interface
Line Rate 2.048Mbps + / - 32ppm
Line Code HDB3

HDSL ATRIE WS. 5000 E1 or V.35
HDSL ATRIE WS. 5000....

Harga: IDR. 4,500,000 Nett

DSL Line
Line Speed 200kbps up to 2312kbps
Line Code PAM( G.SHDSL)
Line Type Unconditional twisted pair( 2W)
E1 Interface
Line Rate 2.048Mbps + / - 32ppm
Line Code HDB3

SDH STM-4 SONET/ SDH Haliplex-800

Harga: Negotiable

½ RU. Wall mount, or rack mount 2 into 1 RU
n 2 x STM-4/ OC-12 or STM-1/ OC-3 multi line rate interface
n 2 x STM-1/ OC-3 fixed rate tributary interface
n 2 x 100/ 1000 Gigabit....

SDH STM-1 63E1,  Active DDF ADX-100
SDH STM-1 63E1, ....

Harga: Negotiable

The ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect provides
an innovative solution for interconnecting systems
in telecommunications and exchange buildings,
reducing space by 50 to 80....

Converter E1 to V.35
Converter E1 to V.35

Harga: IDR. 4,000,000 (Nego)

nterface conversion between G.703 and V.35, RS-530, RS-449 ( V.36) , or X.21 with DTE/ DCE. Digital data port type V.35, RS-530, RS-449 ( V.36) , or X.21 detected automatically.....

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