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VoIP Gateway,  IAD
VoIP Gateway, IAD

Global Tech GT-VAG Series VoIP Gateway is kind of multi access equipment. Its uplink port can access with IP network and downlink port able to carry with multiple analog telephone....

4FE ports QINQ Management Media Converter
4FE ports QINQ....

Harga: negotiable, Available stock in JKT.

Global Tech GTMC4 Series media covnerter have 5 switch port. And one port is fiber optical which able to extend to local WAN network. The equipment can use for large bandwidth....

4/ 8/ 16E1 PDH MUX with FE/ GE
4/ 8/ 16E1 PDH MUX....

Global Tech PMUX-E( GP6-II) series manageable PDH has adopted the state-of-the-art technologies and advanced FPGA to provide 1E1/ 4E1/ 8E1/ 16E1 multiplexing and optical....

OTDR,  EXFO AXS-110,  All-fiber OTDR
OTDR, EXFO AXS-110, ....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Wavelengths: 850/ 1300/ 1310/ 1490/ 1550/ 1625 nm
2) Dynamic range: up to 37 dB
3) Event dead zone: 0.8 m
4) Battery autonomy: 8 hours
5) FTTx/ MDU PON network....

OTDR,  EXFO AXS-100 ,  Handheld OTDR
OTDR, EXFO AXS-100 , ....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths, with respective dynamic ranges of 24, 25, 32 and 30 dB
2) Unrivaled event dead zone of 0.8 m
3) Top user-friendliness: one....

Dinstar GSM VoIP Gateway DWG2000D-8G
Dinstar GSM VoIP....

Harga: franco JKT include tax and freight


Ï 8 GSM ports

Ï GSM: quad-band 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz

Ï Support SIM bank/ SIM server

Ï Web-based SMS/ SMSC and USSD, open API

Ï Support digit map, ....

Dinstar GSM VoIP Gateway DWG2000D-32G
Dinstar GSM VoIP....

Harga: franco JKT include tax and freight

Dinstar DWG2000D-32G GSM VoIP Gateway is a multi-functional product used to effectively implement the smooth transition between PLMN ( GSM) and VoIP network. The GSM/ CDMA VoIP....

AN5506-04-B GPON ONT,  VoIP
AN5506-04-B GPON ONT....

Harga: franco JKT

with 4 ethernet ports, 2 voice ports and one USB port. optical network unit apply to FTTH or FTTO modes.
Support G.248, MGCP, SIP

Optional for black and white color

EXFO FLS-241 Visual Fault Locator
EXFO FLS-241 Visual....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Bright red laser at 635 nm has a reach of up to 5 km
2) Pulsed and CW operation
3) 50 hours of operation ( typical)
4) Standard AAA alkaline batteries
5) Rugged....

EXFO FLS-300 Optical Light Sources
EXFO FLS-300 Optical....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Multifunctional light source: up to three singlemode wavelengths on a single port, or four wavelengths ( two multimode, and two singlemode) on two ports Auto-Wavelength....

EXFO FPM-300 Optical Power Meter
EXFO FPM-300 Optical....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Highly accurate unit offering 10 calibrated wavelengths and reference values
2) Auto-Wavelength Recognition
3) Power autonomy of 300 hours
4) Three-year warranty and....

EXFO PPM-350C PON power meter

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Simultaneous measurement of all PON signals* , anywhere on the network
2) store up to 1000 test results, which are downloadable through its USB interface.
3) Quick and....

EXFO FTB-8115 SONET/ SDH test module
EXFO FTB-8115 SONET/ ....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Supports SONET, SDH, DSn and PDH
2) SONET/ SDH 155 Mbit/ s, 622 Mbit/ s and 2.5 Gbit/ s
3) Analyzer module supporting up to OC-48/ STM-16 optical rates, as well as....

Yokogawa AQ7275 Compact test OTDR
Yokogawa AQ7275....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Wide Range of Modules Available
2) Enhanced support of FTTH to Metro, Core Network
3) High Dynamic Range ( 45dB)
4) Short Dead Zone ( 0.8 m)
5) Optional built in Dummy....

JDSU MTS-4000/ 6000 Compact test OTDR
JDSU MTS-4000/ 6000....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Compact and lightweight for the field.
2) Future proof with over 40 application modules already supported.
3) Choose from IL/ ORL, OTDR, PMD, CD, or WDM plug-in modules.
4) ....

EXFO FTB-500 Network testing platform
EXFO FTB-500 Network....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) The true next-gen network enable, delivering unlimited test possibilities and universal wireless connectivity.
2) 10G, 40G and 100G-ready
3) Four-slot or eight-slot....

EXFO FTB-1 Modular platform
EXFO FTB-1 Modular....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Module: FTB-730 PON FTTx/ MDU OTDR and FTB-860 NetBlazer Ethernet Tester
2) Intel ATOM processor with Windows Embedded Standard operating system
3) USB, mobile, Wi-Fi....

EXFO FTB-200v2,  Compact platform
EXFO FTB-200v2, ....

Harga: Frankco JKT

1) Calibrated wavelengths ( nm) 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625, 1650
2) Intel ATOM processor, Windows Embedded Standard
3) Accommodates two field-interchangeable....

Multiple Services Converged SME/ SOHO Gateway
Multiple Services....

Global Tech GW2800 multiple services converged SME/ SOHO gateway is an integrating type of network communication system which converge PBX, IP PBX, router, Ethernet switch, ....


Global Tech GW1800 G/ EPON SME/ SOHO gateway is multi service application and access products which specially designed for enterprises. The device adopts advanced network hardware....

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