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PT. Giant Communication

BLF578 1500W FM Pallet

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Cara Pembayaran:Tunai
Kemas & Pengiriman:palet
Negara Asal:Indonesia

# 43-45 Volts @ 44 - 46Amps DC
# 86-110MHz
# BLF578 LDMOS Technology.
# Input/ Output 50 ohms
# Pout 1500W min. 4 watt input
# 79% typical efficency
# 25 dB gain
# Heavy duty output hybrid is rated for 2000W.
# Thermal Tracking bias.
# Size; LxWxH 4 x 9 x 1.5 inches
# 1/ 4 inch copper base.
# Weight 5 LBS

Product Description:

The NXP BLF578 is the most modern high power LDMOS transistor available for broadcast applications. The transistor is rated for 1200W pulsed operation on 50V supply. Since FM broadcasting is a continuous operating condition the amplifier has been optimized for operation at lower power. The circuit is tuned for 43 volt operation which gives the circuit high efficiency and superior electrical ruggedness. The BLF578 is extremely rugged under 43 volt operating conditions.

This model was designed to be 4 inches wide to allow 4 units to be placed side by side in a 17 inch wide rack. These modules are ideally suited for building 5000W transmitters where high efficiency and wide margin is critical. These pallets are 90 degree hybrid combined which provides a pure 50 ohm output impedance and eliminates reactions and losses when multiple units are combined.

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