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CV. Gemilang Communication

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CV. Gemilang Communication
CV. Gemilang Communication

RADIO HT MOTOROLA CP 1660 VHF ( penerus GP 2000)

Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T), Tunai
Kemas & Pengiriman:Baru
Negara Asal:Indonesia
Keterangan:Frequency range : 136-174 ( VHF)

Ideal for light manufacturing, retail, hospitality and real estate management, the Motorola CP1660 commercial radio brings you quality features you need at a competitive price.


* Built-in simple voice scrambling for increased privacy.
* Built-in DTMF signalling provides caller identification and private communication.
* Full Keypad provides easy accessibility to change channels or place a selective call ( DTMF signalling)
* VOX ready for hands-free communication so users can focus on the job at hand.
* The 99 channels allow users to organise their work teams into different talk groups, increasing the flexibility of the radios.


* Tighter specifications provide enhanced rejection of interference so you can get your message through clearly.
* X-pand technology provides crisp, clear and strong audio quality in a noisy environment.
* Li-Ion battery provides more than 11 hours of battery life at high power to meet the demands of your employee’ s work shift.

Easy to Use

* User programmable features allow customization of radio profile while on the go.
* 5 progammable buttons enabling easy, one touch access for up to a 10 user-selectable features.
* The light weight and compact design allows easy handling.


Battery life ( standby) Up to 11 hours @ 5: 5: 90 cycle with LiIon battery at High Power
Up to 9 hours @ 5: 5: 90 cycle with NiMH battery at High Power
Up to 16 hours @ 5: 5: 90 cycle with LiIon ( Hicap) battery at High Power
Frequency range 136-174

Dimensions H x W x D ( with standard battery) 120 mm x 55 mm x 35.5mm ( with LiIon battery)
120 mm x 55 mm x 36.5mm ( with NiMH battery)
120 mm x 55 mm x 40.7mm ( with Hicap LiIon battery)
Display Yes
Keypad Full
Weight ( with standard battery) 335 gms ( with LiIon battery) , 394.5 gms ( with NiMH battery) , 342 gms ( with Hicap LiIon battery)

Number of channels 99
Signalling DTMF Signalling

Mil spec 810 C, D, E, F

Whats in the box :

* Nicad Battery
* Desktop Charger
* Belt Clip
* Antenna
* Manual Book

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