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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
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An affordable way for everyone to check your heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation levels simply and quickly with the Med Choice Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. For use by anyone with breathing problems, pilots, mountain climbers, and asthmatics! Just place the finger pulse oximeter over your fingertip and touch a button. The Oximeter instantly turns on and lights a display, providing real-time info on your heart-rate and blood-oxygen saturation levels. Take the Pulse Oximeter off of your finger, it automatically turns itself off after 6 seconds, saving the battery life.

The pulse oximeter' s bright LED digital display is easy to read and displays pulse-rate, blood oxygen level, and a pulse-strength indicator. Includes Oximeter, Bonus Carry Case, a handy lanyard wrist/ neck cord , 2 ' AAA' Batteries, and Instruction / Service Manual. Backed with a full ONE-YEAR WARRANTY .

We trust this model because it has received FDA aprroval for medical use, passed CE certification standards and is manufactured using the latest ISO processes. So accurate that it can be compared against much more expensive hospital models.

* Oxygen Sat. Range: 0-99 % , Accuracy + / - 2%
* Pulse Rate Range: 30-240 BPM
* Up to 2, 000 Spot-Checks On One Set Of Batteries
* Proven Accuracy and Durability By Tens of Thousands Worldwide

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