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Our current product range are as follows:

1. Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera, Manufactured by FLIR Systems AB – SWEDEN
FLIR Systems, is the largest Commercial Infrared Company in the World and over 50 years experience in thermography PdM& CM, R& D, Medical Science, Surveillance, Security, Industry, Law-enforcement and Military. As the leader and pioneers in the commercial infrared camera industry, FLIR Systems having the biggest market share and have been trusting their reliability based on technology, support and applications in more than 60 countries in the world.

2. H.VIR Infrared Window Manufactured by SOREM – FRANCE
H.VIR SOREM is the first global manufacturer of patented Infrared windows dedicated to Predictive Maintenance ( PdM) using Thermal Imaging IR Camera. The H. VIR ® has become the only IR certified transparent interface that allows one to visualize on IR camera the temperature variations within a switch board cabinet without opening it nor without switching off the electricity supply.

3. Airborne Camera Systems ( IR/ UV/ Video) Manufactured by SWESystems – SWEDEN
SWESystem, is one of the leading companies in Gimbals manufacturing and Gyro Stabilization Platforms for Airborne Camera Systems. Due to aging transmission lines, SWESystem offer a wide variety of the solutions for Transmission Overhead Line inspection by Hot Spots & Corona Discharges.

4. Protection Relays, Meters, MV Recloser & CT, Manufactured by ARTECHE – SPAIN
The ARTECHE Group is an international benchmark in the development of solutions and electrical equipment in the Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Industry areas. Its technological and financial independence, more than 60 years experience and constant investments in R& D, technology, quality and training, enable its products to reach the highest levels of reliability in measurement, protection, control, communication fields and power quality.

5. Safety and Connection Material, Manufactured by SOFAMEL S.A – SPAIN
SOFAMEL S.A is a Spanish manufacturer providing electrical global solutions all over the world for safety and connection material. Over 40 years experience in the electrical sector, the company’ s phillosophy is based on covering clients’ need in connection material and electrical safety, offering one of the most comprehensive ranges available in today’ s market.

6. Emergency Restoration Tower System, Manufactured by Tower Solution Inc. – Canada
Tower Solution Inc. is designer and manufacturer of the most advanced Emergency Restoration Tower system ( ERS Tower) in the world.They using the most advanced high precision aluminium welding and fabrication technology. The features of the ERS Tower boast safer and faster erection, lighter handling weight, higher strength, greater versatility, easier storage, easier transportability, and lower cost than any competing product on the market.

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