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Ecogreen Oleochemicals Batam

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Ecogreen Oleochemicals Batam
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Alamat:Jl. Pelabuhan Kavling 1, Kabil
Batam 29435, Kepulauan Riau
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Tanggal Bergabung:23 Sep. 2008
Terakhir Diperbarui:23 Sep. 2008
Sifat Dasar Usaha:Pabrikan dari kategori Kimia

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PT Ecogreen Oleochemicals is a multinational company engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and distributing of high quality oleochemicals. We are one of the worlds largest producers of naturally fatty alcohols.

Formerly known as Salim Oleochemicals, it was incorporated in 1997. Today, it is a thriving company with more than 500 employees worldwide, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a combined production capacity of more than 100, 000 MT per year.

Ecogreen Oleochemicals exports the majority of its products worldwide to key markets in Asia Pacific, The United States of America, Latin America and Europe. Close links to these markets are maintained through the marketing headquarters in Singapore which covers not only marketing functions in Asia, but also coordinates global marketing activities with two regional offices, one in Houston ( USA) and the other in Rodleben ( Germany) .

Ecogreen Oleochemicals marketing efforts are complimented by a network of distributors and agents in over 20 countries that provide the local support in distribution, storage and customer liaison. Tank storage facilities assure its customers the continuity of supply and timely delivery.

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