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Telescopic Hot Stick VTT 1/ 4 Ritz
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designed to provide the working distance and the insulation required to perform routine
jobs in overhead electrical systems, being one of the most used tools in hot line
The Standard aluminum universal end fitting on tip section accepts a wide range of
attachments so that the stick can be used to disconnect switches, replace cutout tubes,
change poles covers, prune trees, replace electrical bulbs and perform many other
related tasks.
The " VTT-3HD " models have higher mechanical strength, with a considerable
reduction of flexibility, enabling the execution of jobs that require a higher strength.
The utilization of VTT dispenses ladders or platforms, since the jobs can be performed
directly from ground.
The VTT sets must always be extended and retracted vertically, with its base on the
Manufactured with epoxy reinforced fiberglass tubes, it fully complies with ASTM
F 1826-00.
The high visibility tip sections of VTT and VTT-3HD models, are manufactured with RITZGLAS® tubes
and have a polyurethane foam core that guarantees the full insulation, even though it is subject to the
most rigorous conditions of humidity.
The triangular shape provides an automatic system to lock each section. No twisting or turning to lock
Each VTT is supplied with a ring that has a rubber seal for fixation to the end fitting, to prevent the
sections from sliding and consequently the extension of the VTT, during the transport.
The third section of the VTT model can be replaced by the tip section VT-3HD to transform the VTT into
VTT-3HD, that has higher mechanical strength, making available for the lineman the two models in a
single set.
MODULAR SYSTEM: The modular system allows the lineman to use only the number of sections
required by each task. Depressing the locking buttons, releasing and removing the bottom sections
which will not be used. This allows for a light weight and easy handling tool to perform the work easier.
Any section can be supplied separately if replacement is needed.
The sections can be supplied with customized length, under previous request.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Ergonomic Design gives the operator a better gripping surface,
providing a safer working condition.
HEIGHT MEASUREMENT: The sets can be supplied with markings for measurement of vertical
spacing. If a measurement telescopic stick is required, add " M " to the cat. no. of the desired model.
E.g. VTT-1/ 7-M.

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