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Welcome to Bengkel Manusia ®
Body Treatment with Homeopathy
Jalan S No. 4 Cempaka Putih Barat 19, Jakarta Pusat, 10520. Hotlines Service 021-421421-6
( The best healing that you do is homeopathy, Al Bukhary & Muslim)
( Homeopathy teraphy treating more 72 diseases, Thobroni)
( 100 Diseases Treated by Cupping Method, Dr. Thomas W. Anderson, USA 1985)
Homeopathy is a medical approach that s defined by the principle of similars:  like cures like . Its practitioners use small quantities of highly diluted substances that in larger quantities would provoke the same symptoms they intend to cure. Homeopaths treat a patient s set of symptoms with remedies that would cause a similar set of symptoms if taken in sufficient quantity by a healthy person. Homeopathic remedies don t have any side effects.
Bengkel Manusia is the Indonesian therm for the arabic word  hijamah , the secret of sky healing.
Like machine, our body works hard everyday, walking, running, jumping, etc.
Therefore, we must treat and service our body regularly as well as the machine.
Not only by consuming healthy food, living in a healthy environment, sports, but we also have to keep our blood clean.
Remember, blood is the most important part in our body.
It distributes nutritions, oxygen, as well as carries out all of the waste and toxical compounds.
Toxical compounds which can not be decomposed, stay in our blood stream.
If we do not clean it up, it will disturb our blood stream.
We should use the homeopathy treatment, to remove the blood disorders. Removing blood disorders can give us the best blood circulation then we become a healthy person.
Bengkel Manusia offers homeopathy teraphy that with Allah s will can cures any diseases caused by blood disorders. For further detail do not hesitate to contact us, we will glad to give you more explanation about our services.
Wish you enjoy a healthy body along your lifetime. Homeopathy treating acute health problems, chronic mental health and physical problems.
Bengkel Manusia offers homeopathy teraphy, treating for:
Alopecia , Anemia , Dermatitis and Dermatosis Pruritik , Diabetes Mellitus , Sismenore , Dyspepsia , Prostat , Hermaturi , Ikterus Hepatitis , Inkontinensia Urin , Insomnia , Kongesti and Sinus , Konstipasi , Laserasi , Limfadenopati , Mialgia , Maagh , Skin Neoplasma, Allergies, Eczema , Bronchitis, Palpitasi , Migrain , Rhinitis, Secret Vagina, Urtikaria , Virus , Acne Vulgaris , Reumatoidarthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout Arthtritis , Asthma , Dimensia , Dislipidemia ( High LDL/ HDL Cholesterol and High Trigliceride) , Congestif Heart Broken , Menopause , Obesitas, Osteoporosis , Heart Ischemic , Parkinson , Obstruktif Chronic , Tyroid , Syndrome pra-menopause , Syrosis , Psoriasis , Stroke , Ulkus Peptikum , Varices , Sciatic , Systemic Lupus Erythematus , Depression , Alcoholic , Skizofrenia , Somatisation , Disfungsi Sexual , Infertilitas , Frigid, Cancer, Etc.
Mr. Azib Susiyanto
( Master Homeopathy, Mobile + 62-81-21577652)
Mr. Candra P. Pusponegoro
( Young Master Homeopathy, Mobile + 6281-328712147)
~ ~ Remove all Toxin and Oxidan in your body~ ~
Email: bengkel_manusia@

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