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Name:Mr. Wibowo [Marketing]
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Y!: csd.filtralab@yahoo.com Y!: csd.filtralab
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Address:Jl. Kalibokor Selatan 88
Surabaya 60283, Jawa Timur
Also capable on handling projects such as fish pond, fountain, water treament dan STP
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Registration Date:May. 06, 2008
Last Updated:Jul. 24, 2012
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Construction & Real Estate category

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Our company stood up and started operating since the year 1989. Our location is based in Surabaya, East Java province. The scope of our work area covers the entire territory of Indonesia. Our company categorized in the category of procurement of goods and services.

Our occupations are specialized in swimming pools, fish ponds, fountains, games and variations of water, water treatment systems for drinking water, clean water and waste water; for private homes and industrial needs.
We are able to supply the procurement of goods for projects and replecement; both in small scale, medium and large.

We provide a wide range of quality branded products and reliable in its class. Our product2 include filters, pumps, chlorinator, underwater lights, chemicals, media filters, nozzles, water fountains, water heater portable swimming pools, pool accessories, ultra violet light, ozone-producing machines, fiber optics, liner, geomembrane, and others.

Our team consisted of people who are dedicated, skilled and experienced in their fields.
We provide the best guarantee for our products and our work.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Gladly we will help solve your problem.

Do not forget to visit our website at:
http: / / www.tokokolamrenang.com
http: / / www.filterindustrial.com

We are waiting to hear from you.
Thank you for your concern and support.

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