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Kami menyediakan jasa ekspedisi / freight forwarding, untuk keperluan export dan import perusahaan anda, dari dan ke seluruh tempat di dunia. Udara, laut ( FCL, LCL ) , berikut custom clearance dan sewa gudang.

Kami juga melayani jasa ekspedisi / kirim barang ke berbagai tempat di Indonesia, darat via inland trucking, udara dan laut ( FCL dan LCL ) .

Kami juga menyediakan jasa trucking service untuk distribusi barang anda di Jabodetabek area dengan menggunakan mobil box engkel 6 ban.

Bahkan kami bisa juga melayani anda untuk mengatur PO Manajemen perusahaan anda untuk melengkapi pelayanan kami untuk anda.

" Percayakan semua kebutuhan logistik perusahaan anda kepada kami, kami akan memberikan banyak keuntungan kepada anda, keamanan barang anda, servis yang terbaik untuk anda dengan harga yang sangat kompetitif "


Scanwell Logistics ( Jakarta) was first established in October 25th, 1989 and was a representative of the parent company, Scanwell Freight Express ( SFE) HKG, Ltd. However, on March 25th, 1991, it was renamed under the name, PT. ( Perusahaan Terbatas) Scafeindo Air Cargo ( Eracargo) . After becoming a company of its own, on April 30th, 1993, it was no longer a representative of SFE. They no longer need to be a representative of SFE for sole reason they have become a company by its own. In 2004, it under went a new change again, PT. Scafeindo Air Cargo under go standardization thus its name was once again renamed. It was renamed to PT. Scanwell Logistics, Indonesia ( present) .

Scanwell was set-up in Indonesia, Jakarta as it’ s the capital of Indonesia and at that point in time, there wasn’ t much freight forwarding companies here in Indonesia. Therefore it proves to be a lucrative business to set-up a freight forwarding company here in Indonesia. Most of the goods that we receive from the Jakarta office are from factories located in Bandung and also Semarang.
Furthermore, Tanjung Priok the seaport of Jakarta, the biggest and busiest port in Indonesia handles 85% of sea cargo transportation. There are more than a hundred steamship operators which links Jakarta to worldwide destinations by rerouting from and to Singapore, Hong Kong or Busan as a transshipment hub utilizing feeder services.
For air shipment, Soekarno-Hatta which is the International Airport of Jakarta; is linked to 185 cities in 95 countries by 60 flight scheduled Airlines operating around 110 flights per day or more than 770 flights per week.
To accommodate its business, Scanwell Logistics, Surabaya was established on October 21st, 1995. It was to facilitate the booming business that was coming from Bali. Therefore, from than till present, it is now known as Scanwell Logistics Indonesia.


• Jakarta City Warehouse of 100 sq. meters for small consignment drop-off.
• Bonded Warehouse space of 300 sq. meters for ocean consignment within the Tanjung Priok Container Freight Station.
• Full-time air freight operational team in Cengkarang International Airport to attend to airfreight movements and customs clearances.
• Electronically linked with Governmental and Customs Departments to process import and export documentation.
• A branch in Surabaya ( office cum warehouse within close proximity of Airport and Seaport) to cover requirement in East Java Region, including Bali.
• Domestic trucking and ocean feeder service within Indonesian Archipelago.
• Distribution service within Java Island.

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