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RBM Online Trade Centre robertmaengkom@ hot line 08777 1880 798 ( update 27 Maret 2013 10: 32 wib)

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RBM Online Trade Centre robertmaengkom@ hot line 08777 1880 798 ( update 27 Maret 2013 10: 32 wib)
RBM Online Trade Centre robertmaengkom@ hot line 08777 1880 798 ( update 27 Maret 2013 10: 32 wib)
Selamat Datang di
RBM Online Trade Centre robertmaengkom@ hot line 08777 1880 798 ( update 27 Maret 2013 10: 32 wib)

RBM Online Resources is consulting, trading an engineering, procurement and construction ( EPC) contracting company. Established in 2000

Areas of business
The company provides EPC services through seven business units:

* Power generation: Captive power plants, balance of plant for thermal plant utilities up to 800 MW unit capacity and total EPC contracts on turnkey basis up to 350 MW unit size.
* Transmission and distribution: High-voltage transmission lines up to 765 kV, GIS sub-stations, 400 kV sub-stations and rural electrification.
* Water and wastewater: Desalination plants, water and effluent treatment plants, demineralisation, defluoridation and mobile purification ( reverse osmosis) plants..
* Railways: Construction of new lines, overhead electrification, consultancy and project evaluation / surveys.
* Metals and minerals: Structural fabrication and equipment manufacturing for steel plants, by-product plants and blast furnace upgradation, erection of coke oven machines and upgradation of continuous casting machine.
* Oil, gas and hydrocarbon: Gas compression stations, tank farms and terminals, and piping of oil dispatch terminals.
* Quality services: Third-party inspection services, expediting services for industrial inspections and on-site / field inspection services.

Joint ventures, subsidiaries and acquisitions

* alkens Energy & Power Company: TPL entered into a 30: 70 joint venture with smith & Partners Co and formed alkensEnergy & Power Company in February 2006 to execute power, infrastructure and industrial projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
* Artsins Engineering: TPL acquired a 75-per cent controlling stake in Artsin Engineering Limited ( AEL) in January 2008. AEL is one of the leading design, engineering, procurement and construction companies in petroleum storage and handling systems. The expertise of AEL enhances EPC business opportunities in domestic and overseas markets, especially in the oil, gas and hydrocarbon ( OHG) sector.
* TaIL Projects: TPL entered into a 50: 50 joint venture with Engineers India Limited, a central government public sector unit, and formed TaIL Projects Limited in July 2008 for execution of EPC projects. The synergies of both the companies are leveraged for execution of EPC projects in the area of captive power plant generation sector up to 150 MW ( metal, cement, paper industries and cogen plants) and special category high-value EPC projects in OGH viz grassroot refineries, petrochemical process units, HS crude processing facilities, alumina refinery projects, etc.
* TPL - TQA Quality Services ( Pty) : In pursuance with the orders for inspection received by SBU-QS from Esk Holdings Limited, the largest power utility in the Republic of Indonesia, to undertake inspection of thermal, hydro and nuclear power plant equipment and transmission lines within and outside Indonesia,

Head quartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, BR Projects has regional offices in Indonesiai, Asia, as also inspection offices in major Indonesia cities.

Advisor for :
" Turn-Key " Contract
an EPC ( Engineering, Procurement and Construction) , contractor which applies " Turn-Key " basis process system for each project execution: LNG for oil, gas, petrochemical, energy and related heavy industries.

Project Management
In Pursuing new project, is analyzes the ITB ( Instruction to Bid) document by multi disciplines. Various requirements and possible risks associated with the new project are accurately calculated with the consideration of human resources availability, Financial, etc.

Process Engineering
During Project execution, acquires all leg al documents and permits, and also any documents, which are related to standardization and specification, which will be implemented. Engineering details of project, such as: equipment resources, materials availability and the condition of project location. Procurement Department will use this calculation in purchasing materials and equipment, and synchronize with the schedule of equipment delivery to the project location.

Design and Engineering Details
The major activities in the construction of petrochemical or oil plants are centralized in the availability of engineer, designers and drafters in the piping and civil division. Therefore, both divisions utilize the most office space during executing the high profile project.

The Activity of Procurement Division
The ability of acquiring material resources from all over the word, and understanding the fluctuation of foreign currency, are some examples of the Procurement Department activities. The Procurement Divisions activities are based on the project plan and schedule for materials and equipment.

Construction Activity
Construction managers will concentrate their attention on the aspects of logistic for mobilization, safety precaution and project plan and schedule for materials and equipment.

Start-up and Commissioning
Before the mechanical completion work, the start up and commissioning team must provide the technical and materials required to mobilized to the project site. The engineers who are part of this team must individually have an understanding of the engineering work and background of the project in details for each place of equipment.

Other Services
We also provide services such as : conceptual study, venture and investment, plant operation and maintenance.

Oil & Gas

established itself as one of the six LNG ( Liquefied Natural Gas) builders in the world, joining two from USA, two from Japan, One from Europe. built the LNG Bontang Trains G & H, and Major refinery project at the Abbas 232.000 Barrel/ day capacity in Iran whereby performed basic and detailed engineering work from 1990 to 1993. And Export Oriented Refinery 1 in West ( North- Coats ) of java- Balongan. The capacity of this refinery was 125.000 BPSD, with tank farm totaling 13 tanks rangging the sizes from 4.500 m3 to 32.000 m3.

Upstream industries such as Aromatics, Olefins and other Petrochemical plants, support the downstream manufacturing sector, which in turn produce goods for consumers and generate sales revenue. The trend towards National self-reliance and self- support became the theme of Indonesia' s industrialization program both in managing its natural resources and its manufacturing capabilities. Future expansion of the facilities provided added capabilities in feedstock for the basic industries, and experiences undoubtedly benefited project owners in both the government and private sectors.

Energy / Nuclear

Electrical Power consumptions for the infrastructure has sharply increased over the years: therefore energy production must increase in proportion to the consumer' s electricity demands. has been fortunate to participate in the construction of a 30 MW Nuclear Research Facilities In Serpong and the construction of three Geothermal Power Plants at Salak Mountain, Bogor Sukabumi, West Java each with the capacity of 55 MW ( or 165 MW total Capacity) .

Others Heavy Industries

a well- versed company, because other no-oil and gas sector, such as Pharmaceutical, cement, pulp and paper, agro industries have also relied on engineering and construction skills.

Advisor Emergency Hotline :
Robert Maengkom
email : robertmaengkom@
mobile : 087771880798, 08567852654
pin bb : 2884db3e

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