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PT. Indonesia Timbangan Digital
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Nama:Tn. Aldrin Rifain [Pemasaran]
Situs Web:
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Aldrin Rifain di Jakarta Selatan
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Aldrin Rifain di Jakarta Selatan
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. Aldrin Rifain di Jakarta Selatan
Alamat:Jl. Kebayoran Lama No 8
Jakarta Selatan 12210, Jakarta
Rata-rata Tinjauan PemakaiTidak ada ulasan untuk perusahaan ini - Menulis tinjauan
Tanggal Bergabung:15 Sep. 2011
Terakhir Diperbarui:27 Dec. 2014
Sifat Dasar Usaha:Pabrikan, Dagang, Jasa dari kategori Komputer & Software

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Penjelasan Ringkas

As a specialist in the retail industry in Indonesia, PT Indonesia Timbangan Digital Incorporated enthusiastically helps its customers acquire top of the line retail & products with reasonable prices and excellent technical support.

In general, retail distributors in Indonesia have limited range of retail products, but PT Indonesia Timbangan Digital Incorporated provides a wide range of retail products giving us excellent business relationship with the retailers. We can leverage on our diversified product portfolio, because we partner with select principals that are strong in their
respective product lines such as Mettler Toledo that focuses in Digital Scale, NCR that focuses in POS, Barcode Scanner & ATM, and Monarch Marking that focuses in Barcode Printer, etc.

Our Principals are our partners who are focused in new products innovation. They heavily invest in R& D and therefore, as a distributor we only need to focus in the marketing and distribution as well as developing the best software application to accommodate their hardware needs while considering in the systems design the integration all their hardware needs and applications into our software.

Since five years ago, PT Indonesia Timbangan Digital Incorporated ( previously Galatia) has been rapidly growing by building as well as maintaining a consistent corporate identity that places client satisfaction as our main priority. PT Indonesia
Timbangan Digital Incorporated is large enough to provide one stop solution for retailer, yet nimble enough to provide speedy, flexible as well as personalized services to our customers.

Under Lexindo group, there are several business units that provide different services:

- Retail Automation PT. Indonesia Timbangan Digital
- Thermal Paper Business PT. Retail Bisnis Nusantara
- Hospitality Software PT. Pointsoft Indonesia

Timbangan Digital provides one stop solution for retail, focusing on selling hardware, customized software, maintenance & retail consultation.

§ We are the Authorized Distributor for the following world renowned brands:

NCR POS & Barcode Scanner
Godex Barcode Printer
Bixolon Mini Printer
Mettler Toledo Digital Scale
Partnertech POS peripherals ( Cash Drawer, Customer Display, Programmable Keyboard)
Stealthtouch Kiosk Interactive
ChiperLab Auto ID
Casio Portable Data Terminal
Pidion Portable Data Terminal with integrated Printer
Eten PDA
Argox Portable Terminal
Promatic EAS & RFID System

§ Software

We have integrated Point Of Sales ( POS) system ( Dos Version) that is used by Sogo Department Store - Supermarket, Galeri Keris, Lee Cooper, Gramedia
Book Store. Merchandising software ( Windows - SQL database) for Retailer ( Supermarket, Department Store, Convenience Store, Pharmacy Store, etc) and
Hospitality ( Fast food, Fine Dining, Café , Club, Discotique)

§ Contract Maintenance

We provide a full support to our customers in maintaining their hardwares, such as: Hero Supermarket, Ramayana Department Store, KFC, Carrefour.

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