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Lux Meter Digital Photometer EC 1 Hagner

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Untuk mengukur intensitas cahaya di dalam ruangan.

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Detector : Silicon photodioded, Filtered and cosine corrected Measuring Range : 0.1 - 200.000 Lux
Accuracy : Better than + / - 3% ( + / - 1 in last digit )
Power Supply : 9 Volt battery type PP3 alkaline ( Life time = 350 hrs ) Dimensions : 135 x 75 x 35 mm
Weight : 0.19 Kg

The Hagner Digital Luxmeter EC1
The Hagner Digital Luxmeter, model EC1, is a small, handy and extremely easy-to-use instrument for accurate measurement of illuminance over a range of 0.1-200, 000 lux. With both automatic zeroing and on/ off switch, the only controls needed are a four-position range selection switch and a hold button for retaining the display value.

The power source is a standard 9 volt battery. To avoid battery leakage only alkaline batteries should be used. When LOBAT appears on the display, it is time to replace the battery. However the luxmeter can be used for approximately 20 hours longer before replacing is necessary.

The luxmeter is carefully calibrated when it is delivered. As the light sensitive silicon diode is extremely stable over long periods of time recalibration every two-three years should, under normal use of the instrument, be sufficient. If however there is any reason to believe that the instrument is out of calibration, it can be returned to your stockist or the manufacturer for earlier control checks.

The Hagner Digital Luxmeter EC1-X
The EC1-X has been designed for measurement of illuminance levels in places where it is important that the operator does not shade the detector. The EC1-X has the detector connected with a 2 meter long cable. An extension cable can also be connected.

The EC1-X is used exactly as the EC1. The detector can be connected or disconnected without causing any damage to the instrument. Care should be taken to ensure that the cable is not twisted when replacing the cable. It is recommended that the detector is rotated rather than winding the cable around the detector.

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