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Ro-Tap® Test Sieve Shakers jakarta Indonesia

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W.S. Tyler Test Sieve Shakers were designed for functional use, providing reliable, accurate and consistent particle analysis service. The units require little maintenance and all operate on 110 or 220 voltage. Each unit is serialized, allowing for complete traceability. The Ro-Tap® , first produced in 1917, remains the " industry standard " in many industries.

# Heavy duty, stationary unit
# Recommended for use in testing applications requiring material 635 mesh ( 20 microns) and greater in size
# Rotating and tapping motions. Oscillations per minute, 278; Taps per minute, 150
# Standard units for use with 8 " ( 200mm) and 12 " ( 300 mm) diameter sieves
# Adapter kit for wet testing ( 8 " only)
# A digital 99-minute clock/ timer, accurate to .1 second
# Sound enclosure and test stand available ( see Sieving Accessories)

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