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PT. Menara Kalibrasi Pratama

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PT. Menara Kalibrasi Pratama
PT. Menara Kalibrasi Pratama
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Nama:Tn. William Julian [Direktur/CEO/Manajer Umum]
Pesan Instan:
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. William Julian di Tangerang
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. William Julian di Tangerang
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. William Julian di Tangerang
Alamat:Jl.Jalur sutera Timur Kav 6B No 7, alam sutera serpong tangerang
Tangerang 15143, Banten
Rata-rata Tinjauan PemakaiTidak ada ulasan untuk perusahaan ini - Menulis tinjauan
Tanggal Bergabung:12 Jun. 2012
Terakhir Diperbarui:18 Jun. 2012
Sifat Dasar Usaha:Jasa dari kategori Kebutuhan Industri

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Line of Business:
1. Calibration Barge
2. Calibration Tank Ball
3. Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks Measure ( TUTSIT)
4. Flow Meter Calibration
5. Measure Flat Tank Calibration Cylinders / Tanks buried
6. Calibration of Tank Cars Measure ( TUM)
7. Calibration of Mass Flow Meter
8. Water Meter Calibration
9. Calibration Pump tank stations
10. Calibration of Dimensional Measuring Equipment ( Caliper, Micrometer, Ban Measure, etc.)
11. Scales Mechanical and Electronic Calibration
12. Calibration of Scales Bridge
13. Mass Comparator Calibration and Child Scales
14. Calibration Test Equipment Volume ( Measure Vessel, Pumpkin Measure, pipettes, measuring cup, etc..)
15. Temperature Calibration Test Equipment
16. Pressure Test Equipment Calibration
17. Gas Meter Calibration Test Equipment
18. KWh Meter Calibration Test Equipment
19. Taxi Meter Testing Fabrication Installation
20. Fabrication Installation Mass Flow Meter Testing
21. Measure Installation Tank Testing Fabrication Car ( TUM)
22. Fabrication of Flow Meter Installation Testing
23. Fabrication of Gas Meter Installation Testing
24. Fabrication Installation Testing Meter kWh.


Menara Calibration Pratama, Co ltd is a moving company in the field of calibration services, consulting, procurement fabrication and measurement tools. With the support of experienced experts in their fields both practitioners, technicians and academics, we hope to provide the best service to our corporate service users.


Within each member organization is embedded a vision .... " Standarization to standard " .

This means that we:
1. Providing calibration services, supply of products to be calibrated and calibration of testing standard tools to meet the needs of global markets product standardization.
2. is one of the pioneers of calibration services are able to provide national and international standard of performance.
3. is a trusted partner.
4. Contributing most to the Investor, Customer, Government and the public.
5. are people and organizations with the ability and commitment.


" Providing quality of service high quality products, excellent service and quick response to the challenge as well as businesses in the Era of Globalization " .


Our work culture built on values that we profess, that distinguishes us from others and serve as guidelines for each activity we do business.

1. Integrity
The correspondence between words and deeds. What we promise is what we sent. In every business activity, we uphold the responsibilities from the planning phase, and above all the process and result of the work we do.

2. Responsive
Time is very precious to us and the customer. Speed of response and execute customer needs and desires are always embedded in our working methods.

3. Commitment to build customer trust
Customer Satisfaction is always our priority. We trust, respect and support each other, and trying desperately to gain the trust of colleagues and partners.

4. Innovative
We look for opportunities and new breakthroughs. Powered by creativity and passion to always develop the skills and knowledge, problem-solving methods are practical, effective and efficient we are always improving. Experience, technology and tenacity, helped us to overcome challenges and deliver added value.

5. Safety
As a company and as individuals, in any business activities we always prioritize personal safety factors, the clients and the environment.


Strategic Plan, we make as a guide and a counterweight to the course of the organization, as well as the basis for risk management applications, which can differentiate us from competitors.

1. Orientation in human resource development
The spirit world to meet the needs of a growing industry, led us to adjust and prepare themselves for the mastery of skills and the latest technology in order to always be ready to provide excellent service.

2. Continuous Improvement
In accordance with the principles of quality management system to always run a cycle of " Plan - Do - Check - Action " , we use as part of our strategy to optimize the full potential and available resources that can improve overall company performance.

3. Achievement of customer satisfaction
As a commitment to meet customer satisfaction, we establish the policies and regulations implementation process, document, measure and monitor the implementation process in accordance with ISO standards, as well as improving and developing the organization' s needs and goals.

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