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Genset PERKINS 10 - 1500 kva

Harga: Konfirmasi
Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Kemas & Pengiriman:pallet kayu / Soundproof
Negara Asal:Amerika Serikat

genset perkins 10 - 4000 kva

400 Series Specification Sheets
A class-leading diesel range and a significant evolution of the very successful compact engine family.

1000 Series
Our advanced combustion technology give the 1000 Series the high productivity levels and fuel efficiency you need.

1100 Series
Our popular, multigenerational 1100 Series gives you an optimum range of power solutions.

1200 Series
Ultra clean, quiet and packed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure it meets the most stringent emissions legislation.

1300 Series
When you need quiet, clean, highly competitive power with outstanding economy, the 1300 Series delivers.

1600 Series
The 1600 Series has been designed to operate in all countries, at high ambient temperatures and attitudes.

2000 Series
Developed form a proven heavy-duty industrial engine, the 2000 Series offer exceptional performance.

4000 Series
This distinctive range offers you trusted reliability, economic parts commonality and clean efficient power.

Genset Silent Type or Genset Open Type.

* other type will be available on special request

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please send your request to e-mail us at fans.anugrah @
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Kontak Perusahaan
Nama:Tn. AJI [Pemasaran]
Pesan Instan:
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. AJI di Jakarta Timur
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. AJI di Jakarta Timur
Alamat:Prum. Malaka Country Estate, Jl. malaka Biru VII no. 10 Pondok Kopi
Jakarta Timur 13460, Jakarta
Silahkan kirim permintaan anda ke email kami di : fans.anugrah@
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